The Blast Coin

To reward investors, we created Blast Coin.

To reward investors we created Blast Coin. Blast Coin is a currency that operates on a network of masternodes. The Blast blockchain will be continuously maintained by an experienced team. Blast owners will have the industry-standard of blockchain technology on our blockchain, with regular updates to our codebase.

The use-case of the Blast Coin will be to serve a portion of the exchange’s profits. So every Blast masternode holder will receive for every 60 days interval 30% of the exchange profits will be  rewarded  to the community for supporting our project

The BlastX network employs the multi-phased fork mechanism known as “sporking”.This will enable the BlastX network to implement new features while minimizing the chances of an unintended network fork during rollout. Spork changes are deployable via the network and can be turned on and off as necessary without requiring node software updates. This feature is extremely useful and allows the network to react quickly to security vulnerabilities.

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Masternodes / Proof-of-Stake

Masternodes are, essentially, a decentralized web of computers that serve the BlastX network. Masternodes perform important network functions and receive part of the block rewards. They serve the BlasX ecosystem by stabilizing coin supply, processing transactions, and securing the network. Masternodes require 10,000 BlastX and modest technical knowledge to operate. Any wallet controlling 10,000 BlastX can set up a masternode
A Masternode is a crypto full node (computer wallet) that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coin’s ledger in real time. In return, the Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. It is a great alternative to mining
The masternode enables you to earn some passive income from participating in network maintenance functions.
POS Blockchain is supported by Masternodes and is an excellent alternative to the POW to save electricity from mining. As we earlier mentioned, Masternodes are computers that enable processing of transactions within a Blockchain and in return earn a reward from the blocks created. They operate under a system that is collateral-based to guarantee the provision of services that are genuine. They act as the Blockchain network as a bonded validation system.

Blast Coin specifications

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The BlastX Project

Project’s Goal.

In the first 6 months, the project’s goal is to gain community trust. Most projects are abandoned after a short period of time and investors are afraid to join because they have a good chance of losing their investment. We started this project to prove the opposite and to restore confidence in the world of masternodes coin.

Blast Exchange & BlastX Coin is a project, community-focused that was created to help all projects that need a place to trade their coins and to be a good partner for new teams that save abandoned projects because our listing fee will be free for the first 6 months. Finding the right trading platform to trade your currencies will always be a daunting task as fraud sites are increasing in the market. Among the many misleading sites, the trading platform eToro is best known for providing users with an easy and hassle-free trading experience. In addition, the eToro seriös offers a variety of investment opportunities. After that Blast Coin will be used as listing fee for Exchange.To help a handful of those who have lost their investments in abandoned projects we have decided to swap some of these communities in Blast.


Blast exchange profits distribution

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the profits distribution.


of the funds will be used to perform upgrades to the system, which includes team recruiting, training, and the development budget


will be used for rewarding the masternode holders of Blast Coin


will be used for marketing and advertising


will be keep safe for emergency situations

Blast Coin - Features

SwiftTx, budget, Treasury and Masternode Governance enabled


Core-Team Members

The BlastX Team combines a passion for esports, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Team Lead Developer
Analyst Q/A Developer
Blockchain App Developer
Graphics & Web Developer
Marketing Manager

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